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Welcome to Greenacle

GREENACLE stands for Green Miracles emphasizing our focus on natural, nature friendly and healthy products.

Greenacle is company based in the Netherlands with strong focus on nature friendly products, commodities trading and business and IT consulting and services.

In our further text on our pages and documents we will use the term 'WE' often in the content of Greenacle and the original manufacturers, or only the original manufacturers. We need to point out that all intellectual properties, patents and trademarks are owned by the original manufacturers unless it is explicitly stated they are owned by Greenacle!

Please note that we are using 'nature friendly' and not 'environment friendly'. Our selected products are indeed environment friendly, but in addition we deliver direct health and well-being benefits to the humans, animals, insects, plants, soil, and micro organisms - to the ENTIRE NATURE!

How is that possible?, one would ask. If you understand base concepts of our products and how they work it all makes sense and becomes logical.

Our products are based on the fiber extracted from the brown seaweed ( Ascophyllum nodosum) through the commonly used extraction process. Our unique technology and intellectual property is follow-up process in which we create 'open cell structure', or with other words break the shield of the cells. In that way the cell content is immediately available to the microorganisms. For that reason our products has the PREBIOTIC properties.

Other generic properties of our products are raising the Ph levels and balancing the ion exchange rates.

Combination of these properties is causing growth in numbers of the 'good' bacteria and better ion exchange between the two substances. In simple terminology we created the environment in which two substances 'work' better together and we are enlarging number of the workers (bacteria) to accomplish required job.

When we take in account that almost everything happening in the nature is done on micro level by the microorganisms we can understand why is our product good for nature and why it has so many different appliances: we are simply providing food for the microorganisms, assuring their growth in numbers up to 200 times within minutes and making sure that 'the right guys' are fed... The rest is just result of this.

And what is the best thing? One the required task is accomplished the environment and the bacteria count returns to the natural balance, simply because there is not enough food to sustain the 'extra workers' we have created. It is easy to prove: we took the bacteria count in surrounding area of the oil spills, have accomplished the bio remediation in the affected area, took the bacteria count in the area after the bioremediation and compared it with the surrounding area - it was the same.

It is important to understand that our product is dead fiber. Means we do not introduce any life forms to the environment. We simply use existing live forms in the area and multiply their numbers to perform the task. You might argue that we cannot be sure that the right microorganisms are available at the place when needed. Just think of this: if your car licks oil and the drop of oil falls on the floor, it will eventually disappear and it doesn't matter where in the world you parked the car. So, the bacteria are there, it's just not enough of them to do it quick. When we multiply the number of these bacteria, the job is done much faster.

This is called bio remediation . process and is known worldwide. Most of our competitors are introducing the bacteria (usually in form of powder) to the affected area, we don't. Everyone claims that they did not observe any negative effects by doing this. We wonder, knowing that the bacteria are highly competitive and are easily mutating, whether this is completely true for the microorganism forms already present in the area before introducing new live forms.

Besides, as we use the dead fiber and not new live forms like most of competitors, we have no issues of importing the product to practically any country in the world.

We have numerous certificates that our products can be imported and can be used in eco systems with no special permissions. The products are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administratio), FSA (Food Standards Agency), EU certificates, Vegan Society, ION in Bant nutritionists, BHMA in mental medical herbalists, NZS. All of them certify Ascophyllum nodosum as organic product.

Now when we know that product is organic and why it works everywhere in the nature we can read more details on our pages.

Captain Change Launch Event

On September 6th, Saint Martin lived through one of the worst natural disasters of its history with the passage of monster hurricane Irma, whose strength and violence were never recorded before.
The Collectivity of Saint Martin, the French Government and local and international relief agencies are working together to ensure a full recovery as soon as possible.
Join us as we launch Captain Change: a social network and crowdfunding platform for sustainable development and disaster relief.
Founder Gabriel Frederick details the vision behind a social network for sustainable development and disaster relief, guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Roy Zonnenberg & Vincent Kuypers of the Green Metropolitan Council Slavko Pecenac of Greenacle discuss rebuilding poor and damaged cities and ecosystems using new ideas. Find out about the latest in sustainable road, housing, energy, water and sanitation projects powered by Blue & Green Tech.
Go to event page ...

From the nature for the nature

Our products are all based on the brown seaweed ( Ascophyllum nodosum) ), therefore are coming from the nature. The product range covers full natural cycle: production, reduction of resources used, reusing resources, preventing disasters, remediating when accidents happens, and curing and healing environment. And all this by reducing the costs on each and every step of the cycle.

It works and is harmless to humans, animals, insects and soil. It is EU certified that can be used in all eco systems in Europe without any special permits required.

What makes product so unique for human consumption?

The secret of unlocked cell structure and the beneficial prebiotic content within the algae makes our products outperform any other product known in the market. Our products composition is truly unique. Its organic nutritional content is in a natural balance. Upon consumption, your body interacts with our products and goes through three phases of rejuvenation. Each phase depends on what state your body is in and the diet that you are exposed to.


The organic iodine present in our product helps your thyroid produce hormones to invigorate/ regulate your metabolic rate.Here, your organs such as your kidney and your liver are activated to improve your metabolic rate and begin to increase your energy.


Once your metabolic rate is active, through the Ogliosacharrides present in our product, your body increases the activity of healthy bacteria needed in your intestine. This also continues to stimulate your metabolism. Your body starts to work hard stripping all heavy metals and toxins from your body. At this stage, many people find themselves frequenting the toilet. This is a good sign as your body is expelling all unwanted toxins leaving your blood in a clean, more fluid state. In this phase, your blood pressure stabilises, your blood cholesterol stabilises and energy continues increase.


Once phase 2 is complete, your body is in a clean state. The rich nutrient content present in the Ascophyllum Nodosum is now easily accessible for your body to nourish your cells, rejuvenate and replenish. Our technology unlocks the cell structure to allow your body to absorb more nutrients that it previously was unable to access. Here, your cells are kept in premium state, your hair and skin cells improve, your muscle development increases, your stamina increases your mental awareness improves and your immune system improves.

Regular use will see your body fluctuate between the benefits of phase 2 and phase 3. We recommend a balanced healthy diet and lifestyle to feel the full effect of our products.


Greenacle Products

Our products line is based on a complex, marine-algae- additive which uniquely feeds and protects the microbial populations required in all biological processes – from crop and soil agriculture to waste elimination. This technology is used it in a variety of industrial sectors –soil agriculture, hydroponics, MSW landfills, compost facilities, soil remediation, odor and dust control, wastewater treatment plants, and biogas plants.

Our products are successfully used in the farming industry for over 15 years delivering up to 30% more yield, remove toxins and heavy metals from the soli, and reducing need for pesticides and fertilizers up to 50%. As additive to the animal food it reduces the food consumption for 10-30%, reduces ammonia and sulfates in the manure about 50%, reduces cannibalism and overall mortality and improves overall health of the animals.

Due to the products efficacy in wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion, a biological waste treatment plant was developed by in 2011. In 2013, additional proprietary technology was added to mechanically pre-treat solids which allows for high-solids waste elimination via plants are now being successfully deployed around the world to eliminate both liquid and solid waste and produce high-quality biogas as renewable energy.

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SEXES Drink - Awaken the passion

SEXES drink is a unique and carefully conceived combination of stimulation and freshness. It allows you to consume the natural plant extracts of maca, guarana and ginseng, B vitamins (B2, niacin, B6, pantothetic acid and B12) and the mineral zinc in just a single drink. The unique SEXES drink ingredients will stimulate and awaken your passion naturally.

Did you know passion means success?

A passionate person visibly feels good about them, radiates vitality, produces new and creative ideas time and time again and excels in their work. Such person will always stand out for their way of thinking, which is unique – like SEXES drink.

SEXES drink is one of the rare beverages in the market that natural, unique and healthy. It delivers energy through the super foods and natural metabolism. It means you will not feel “energy bust”, but the continuous supply of the energy through your natural body functions.

SEXES drink one of the rare beverages in this market that has positive advice from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

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Corrugated Palettes Production Line

Environment friendly corrugated palettes production line delivers turnkey projects for corrugated palettes production plants with output of up to 600 palettes per hour.

Our partners have developed an economical and viable manufacturing system, producing top-grade corrugated-cardboard pallets, meeting all the industry’s most stringent performance criteria necessary for full market penetration.

The window of opportunity for this valuable environmentally friendly market has been around for some 25 years. There are technical complexities faced with combining raw materials and products into a competent and labor efficient manufacturing process. Thus far a viable solution has eluded the packaging and logistics industry to becoming a serious alternative solution to the market.

Our partners with their revolutionary product-ranges & designs, combined with our unique proprietary manufacturing process have become that serious alternative, allowing us to fill this market place efficiently, serving a variety of industrial clients and enterprises.

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Commodities Trade

In last 30 years we were delivering our consulting services in supply chain management, service delivery and management, project management and transitions/transformation management for multinationals in the manufacturing, logistics, banking, traveling and energy (oils and gas).

We have developed large network of partners on both supply (the sellers) and demand (the buyers) side. We are working with the large multinationals, the medium and small companies and individuals (the scouts and the intermediaries) trying to create best match between the demands and the supply.

Our network allows us to trade in the oils and gas industry, precious stones and metals, metals, and food and farming products, such as farming additives and live stock food/nutrition.

Independent whether you are the seller or the buyer, we will find the best match from the trustworthy and reliable partners. We will focus to deliver for you the best products from the locations closest to you through the financially secure transactions.

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We are offering our consulting services in the oils and gas industry, precious stones and metals, metals, and food and farming products such as farming additives and live stock food/nutrition.

We differentiate from typical intermediaries and brokers by delivering end to end solutions rather than ‘breaking the deal’. We will assist to both, the suppliers and the customers, to assure safe and trustful engagement by finding ‘the best match and through the due diligence process, assists with contract negotiations and signing, and deliver any other services related to the contract startup as well as oversee and work with both sides to assure smooth, seamless, continuous and sustainable delivery as well as financial settlements.

Our 30+ years of experiences allows us to advise you not only on the business solutions, but also on the required processes, risk management, financial management, advanced operations management, and IT solutions.

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Web and IT Services

With more than 30 years of experiences we are delivering sustainable solutions in Web and IT services.

We can develop Web pages for the small and medium companies on the reasonable costs and short lead times, arrange hosting services, domain names, basically anything that will make your Web page available in ‘no time’. You can choose between numerous Web page designs. It is simple – you choose from the sample the page appearance/design that you like, you provide the information (including the images) for the page and the rest is our job.

We can and will arrange for you the domains and hosting services with one of our suppliers or with your chosen supplier, upload the Web page and make it available for public use. For ‘low budget’ solutions we can offer you the sub-domain on one of our own servers. The difference between the domain and the sub-domain is: www.yourpage.com (the domain), www.ourpage.yourpage.com (the sub-domain). /p>

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Partnering Programs

General distributors

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Products Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights for Greenacle products are owned by Goran Djordjic.

In the text on our pages and documents we are often using the term 'WE' in the content of Greenacle and the original manufacturers, or only the original manufacturers. We need to point out that all intellectual properties, patents and trademarks are owned by the original manufacturers unless it is explicitly stated they are owned by Greenacle!

Greenacle has all rights to market, sale and distribute products granted by the original manufacturers. When using OEM products, all intellectual properties remain with the product manufacturer unless explicitly stated that Greenacle owns the intellectual property rights.


Greenacle does not take responsibility for accuracy of the information provided by the product suppliers and the information obtained from the external sources.


Warranty is granted and warranted by the original product manufacturer, including health and safety. Greenacle will forward the customers claims to the product manufacturers and assist to the customers with any claims. Replacement products will be provided by Greenacle, if they were sold by Greenacle and are not in excessive quantities.